El Viequense Sea Tours is owned and operated by Capitán Luis Melendez... born and raised in Vieques with a lifetime’s experience of fishing, diving and 30 years working as a Captain on the ferry. Because of Capitán Melendez's unique experience, El Viequense Sea Tours provides the opportunity to enjoy and see the surrounding waters of Vieques with that special added touch of the Capitán's love and intimate knowledge of the seas that he has enjoyed his whole life.


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“Simply a unique experience you can’t get in other parts of the world. The company personnel and the captain explained the whole tour very well. The bay and sky glows at night beautifully. Young children will love it!"


“Biobay tour is amazing. Booking is really easy and staff are so professionals. I went with all my family, olders, youngers and infants. This is a great option to create family lovely memories. I was like get sky stars at your feet. Highly recommended."

“The booking was easy and the procedures were well explained not to mention what a fair price for the services offered. I wanted to experience a more comfortable way since we went on a kayak so the boat was perfect . The trip departure was right on time and we were very well assisted during the tour.”